I works just like any other mount in that regard. Комментарий от Xanos I just got this off the coast of Borean. About my 6th cast. Monsterbelly school near the icebergs. Комментарий от Assassinman I was farming the Sea Turtle yesterday with no luck and surprisingly I got it today. I have to say that this is absolutely random. From my Salty Achievement journey the toughest one was probably the Rat in Dalaran.

wow рыбная ловля черепаха

Комментарий от Mavellen either that or the emerald dream. Either I got really lucky or expect this to get nerfed. Комментарий от berenir Do you have to have a certain lv of fishing to fish it up i have expert and i kinda wanted it lol also do u have to be lv 80 to use? Комментарий от Ohpaque Spent a lot of timing in Grizzly Hills today fishing for Glacial Salmon and had this pop up in my bags. Best advice I can give it so stay in the Blue Sky Logging Grounds 37,35 as there are many pool spawns in a tight proximity and almost no hostile mobs. Комментарий от Hezar got this from Dragonfin Angelfish school with only 45 casts. Комментарий от Mimsy Finally, after catches, I got mine. No lure, hat, nothing. Even after catches I wanted to kill myself but it was worth it. D Eat that, Zythir! Комментарий от sajkokillah Was omw to Scholzar Basin to fish some mats for Fish feasts. Комментарий от Okimi Also fished this up from a fangtooth herring school, howling fjord. Waiting for screenshot to be approved! Комментарий от MageOrDruid after 2 days of fishing i havent see any turtle Комментарий от Dovendyret Got it after 1 hour from a glacial salmon school. Makes it harder for them to block you completely. Also a good thing to bring are some Sharpened Fish Hooks http: Can i fish anywhere in northrend? Комментарий от Irriel Just got mine, grinded probably thirtyish hours on it. A lot of that was spent out in the Frozen Sea, which is overcrowded with fisherman right now, but yesterday I switched over to the two northern lakes of Howling Fjord in Fangtooth Herring pools.

wow рыбная ловля черепаха

I fished there without anyone bothering me, and was able to fish continually without waiting for respawns. Комментарий от ares about 3 hours of farm and voila, i got the might turtle! Комментарий от Daxor Stretching before a swim! Комментарий от Daxor I had been farming for about 2 days non-stop , then i came across someone who had it. I asked her where she got it from she answered Howling Fjord from some random pond. So i packed my bags and headed off. After fishing for about 15 minutes i started hovering over a river and spotted a lone patch of fish. I had a hunch i would be getting it from that one and I DID! Here are some screenshots. Комментарий от timski Strictly speaking, the Pool of Blood is not a quest pool, because it can certainly on the PTR be created without the daily quest it simply just contains junk. Комментарий от Kalcros Hey WoWhead users! Kalcros here , currently on my Epic Quest for the "Sea Turtle" over the next 10 hours , i will keep you up-to-date on my Epic Quest: Sholazar Basin Common Fishing School: Howling Fjord Commen Fishing School: I decided to spend my evening fishing, 5 hours later no mount. Комментарий от Sopiel Caught this adorable bugger after about casts or so, in Howling Fjord. And, I was able to catch a Dark Herring and basically kill two birds with one stone. D Best of luck to all of those still fishing. Комментарий от Horri Along the line of catches and no drop felt like saying it so that people who are having bad luck dont feel alone: P Also to Paybays, I know the feeling I did that fishing daily more or less every day and no drop. Then we had it a couple times now and I got 2 in 1 week. Комментарий от Zefinnar I just got this awesomet dood from the Fjord I was not wearing my fishing hat. All in all, a novelty item in my opinion, besides any possible long distance water travel in areas where flight is impossible. Комментарий от triggz Is the speed on this inconsistent or is my speed mod bugged? Комментарий от Vere Sea turtles actually have soft shells. This wold be more of a caster-worthy mount. I hear other fishermen have good success in Sholazar Basin as well Nettlefish schools. Some of these areas can support other fishermen fishing from the same set of node spawns Frozen Sea, Howling Fjord , whereas others can be ruined by having one other person around Crystalsong.

As I said, it took me over a thousand casts to get my mount. I spent a few hours each day, spaced out over the course of the day, for about 3 days to get my mount. AddMessage "Shift-click this to place a link into a chat message: Комментарий от robdnvr Yeah, I farmed this for quite a few hours all over the map. I finally caught him in Grizzly Hills from a Glacial Salmon school while farming mats to level my cooking. When they say any Northrend pool I think they mean school as quite a few people have caught him in the open water, not just lakes and ponds. Good luck and keep trying! I had given up a few times and then found him when I went to farm for something else. Комментарий от Kloria Spent about hours straight fishing at Sholazar ish casts , I went to Fjord and got it in about 50 casts. My advice would be to go to Fjord aswell, myself and most others had the best luck there. Комментарий от Renuts casts or so over the last couple days and I got mine. I was very surprised. Especially because of the way I got it.

Гайд. Ловим Морскую Черепаху. Подводный Маунт

I was fishing Nettlefish out of a lake in Sholozar Basin and I decided to go look a rare spawn. I hopped off my mount and thought to myself or mumbled Cant remember which "This is a random ass place to fish" and suddenly Ding! I was so surprised I had butterflies in my stomach. I had passed many other Nettlefish nodes while searching for the rare spawn and why I stopped at that one is beyond me. Random is random but it seems to me like alot of people are getting it. Комментарий от beaugatt7 on ma 37th cast i got it! I have no reason to use this now, because I can just pop a water walking potion and move around faster on my regular epic ground mount. Me and another dude were comparing. I fished mine outta one of the berg pools in Borean. The little things make this game worth it. Комментарий от slazek13 Nope you can go there on a live server tried it and it works! Комментарий от Corpsepile posts? This is not thottbot. Please keep your "I just caught one, lol" type posts to yourselves please, and realise you will get downrated and have your message purged for doing so. Комментарий от dahrken Got this mount today, given poor luck the drop came after about a fair amount of fish well over the thousand mark, probably two. Rider animation is also fixed and the mount will sway independent of the rider. Комментарий от silverreno contrary to what some people are saying, the drop rate to the turtle can indeed have a very miserable drop rate. Комментарий от Samuraix Agree with silverreno here. Комментарий от freegod pray to wowhead god: Комментарий от kabookiejoe woot, caught my 2nd today. Комментарий от Rullis Just got this beauty. It spoils the Sea Turtle to think of it as a grueling ordeal. Комментарий от AnteroXX got my turtle after 15 hours of fishing, the weird thing is i clicked the bobber before it jumped and there was the turtle! Комментарий от Goonsac ok so i started this adventure on my pally and after catching over 6k of an assortment of fish and 3k of leather scraps, ore, and cloth i decided to try it out on my rogue on a different server. Комментарий от Gravebait If you intend to level fishing now that 3. GL Some locations I used: For money and also where I fished it up: Комментарий от crackedshell I ran a few very unscientific tests to see how fast it actually was compared to a ground mount. I picked a spot on a river with flat ground next to it, marked off a short distance, then timed the run using the stopwatch feature. First run in the river on the sea turtle took 10 seconds. Second run on the land traveling the same distance on a normal ground mount took 7 seconds. Third run on land traveling the same distance on an epic ground mount took 5 seconds. And the final run back in the water swimming with no mount took 16 seconds. So its faster than swimming for sure, but not by a huge amount. BTW took me about casts in Northrend pools to get it. D OK so a little before midnight my time i finally cought it, i think i spent 8 hours maybe a few more just today alone not going to say the full time o.

D got it on the first kill. Комментарий от Orcofwar First post on Wowhead! After 13 hours and 2. This turtle made me kill my family. Checking into an insane asylum now. Good bye cruel world. Комментарий от Raziya Fished this up in the schools in Grizzly Hills. There is almost never anyone there fishing so I recommend it to anyone looking to get this mount! Good luck, he is so cute! Комментарий от Zharon I lost track after casts. Комментарий от Faithfull I have just fished up my 10th dark herring. I want to cry Комментарий от Nubrius Why the hell was I downrated so much? Either its complete luck.. Комментарий от pedrokz 12th dark herring! Комментарий от tryer Got it today My 5th day , fished more than 3k fishes from all the pools in Northrend. In the end, got it from frozen sea. Комментарий от pedrokz fish caught and still no turtle! Комментарий от darcmater Well after a total of cast attempts in pools i got this. The funny thing is on the cast i got my 2nd Dark Herring, and then the very next cast i got the turtle. The RNG can be a funny thing. Комментарий от lilBuffy More nagas? Комментарий от Horri know the feeling! Though I did get 6 dark herrings and alot of other things that with the normal price of those fish I stand to make near 9k gold. Комментарий от Danaan According to the pygmy suckerfishes I caught I had approx. Now I spend about half an hour of making pygmy oil. Комментарий от Veela To those trying, this is easier said then done Комментарий от faelenath This mount can be fished up with any fishing skill, as long as the player is in Northrend. Chance of each cast is not affected by skill. Комментарий от Nuker Two quick questions: Комментарий от WhiteSword wow 44 good job bro. Комментарий от Lorielle If you really really want this mount, you need to be ready to put the time in for it. I would suggest just finding a small area where there are several pools, which you can jump from without having to move too much. I found the best area for that, at least for me. Just head to Venture Bay in Grizzly Hills, this works best if you are on a pve server so you can fish in peace without being ganked. Around that entire area there is about pools at one time, so you can jump from one to another and by the time you finish, they have spawned again. If you are lucky, your faction will hold venture bay so you can run and sell without going more then a few feet away. Good Luck to anyone trying to get this lovely mount.. Комментарий от Soloxtutumi i dont see the ptn for deep dive in WoW atm. Thanks for any info. Комментарий от commander Casts since release of 3. Good thing autoloot has been fixed in ulduar. So if you fish it up supposedly with autoloot. Комментарий от Tofire "Pool". Does this mean like a fishing school? Комментарий от ltcolumbo My character is a Priest, so I farm a lot of stat food for myself and my guild Fish Feast etc , so yesterday I was doing my grind of fishing ingredients for Fish Feast and after about casts in Shalazar basin I get this Achievement animation and odd blue item in my bag.

My guild mates start saying stuff in guild chat like wow. When I got to Dalaran riding my mount I noticed a line of Priests on Turtle mounts in front of the Bank, I join the line and we all laugh about how funny it is that every one of us that were Priests six or so all had the mount.

Морская черепаха

How many other servers have a high ratio of Priests with this mount? Example - For the Rat pet from the Dalaran sewers, I fished for hours at a time for days and days trying to catch that rat, levelling my fishing from to max doing just that - until finally i stopped trying so hard, and started fishing for just a half hour 3 lures max. Caught it on the 2nd day of doing that. Friend of mine killed Baron 8 times a day for 2 months trying to get his mount. He stopped doing that, and started doing it maybe twice a week. Got it on the 2nd try in the 2nd week. When my tailoring was , I decided to make 5 Frostweave Bags at once. A while later I made one once a day 3 days in a row, and ticked a point every time. I believe the almighty RNG favors those who practice moderation! Комментарий от rippk has anyone fished this up in wintergasp WG? Комментарий от phorx I was very surprised and happy when I fished this up in Sholazar Basin while doing the Ghostfish fishing daily quest yesterday. Комментарий от Kubankhaos Just caught this mount after 4 days of farming it and over casts. First thing i did at first was read the positive rated comments here on wow head and went off farming each school of fish for 2 hours in one area then moving to the next hoping to get better luck. So I decided to read the forums here again for advice. I realized that most of the comments here are rated negative and they are not showing. So what I did was that I started reading the most current ones and working my way back to the latest ones. I was only reading the negative scored comments. As I read more and more I came across a very clear pattern not saying there is one , most of the Negative comments were people that fished in Grizzly Hill and Howling Fjord. I just came back from work and logged on and headed to Howling Fjord. And 5 minutes after that, I caught the Sea Turtle. So for all you people that rated the comments bad need to take those posts seriously and not rate them one by one but as a whole. Комментарий от beefkitten Yes, a pool is slang for "school of fish. Комментарий от Relik12 Just got the turtle after about 3 days of fishing, having caught over fish.

wow рыбная ловля черепаха

There is no prompt to bind on pickup , this is an urban myth. Tried fishing in the Frozen Sea outside Borean Tundra for the first couple of nights in various pools of fish along the coast and got nothing. Moved on to Howling Fjord for the next few nights and did a few coastline circuits of pools there, still got nothing. Finally fished the sucker up out of a pool of Dragonfin Angelfish in the river splitting Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills. Love it to bits! Комментарий от Olfan Managed to fish this up in the first half hour of the new patch. Only took about 50 or so casts. People were so jealous. Комментарий от DumpingGrizz Didnt have the time to read this and didnt even know it existed, flying over Blue Sky logging lake and on the spur of the moment decided to grab some salmon, 4th cast and it came up Комментарий от Zharon I agree. The OP had it right. Reading where it was caught by people can give you plan to catch this thing, as I made a plan based on comments previous to the one I made that was negatively rated. Stop giving negative comments to people who want to help other people. There are only a few things to know about it; it can be caught equally from any Northrend school of fish, and it has a very low chance to be caught. The biggest issue with all of these comments? There are, as of my writing this, comments on this. Комментарий от cucmw5 Obtained Monday night while the guild Ulduar raid was full. The RNG gods favor me I just went about my typical fishing business in this case, fishing for jelly for my moonkin friend. It came as quite a shock to get it this early in 3. I think the best place to farm it is Dragonspine Tributary. They sell for loads of cash. Комментарий от tarunloko While playing an alt after hours of fishing i came across this made me sad: Комментарий от Falcus Just fished this up in borean while trying to catch some musselfin Лучше всего для ловли подходит рыба, которую можно использовать для приготовления Рыбного пира и другой важной еды, бафающей рейд. Постарайтесь параллельно выполнить достижение Рыбка не ускользнула Ловите рыбу в косяках Зубастой селедки , так у вас будет шанс поймать и Темную сельдь и Морскую черепаху.

Как получить маунта Морскую черепаху?

Кстати, черепаху я так и не поймал, хотя рыбачил долго, упорно. Но видимо — не судьба. Требования Хотя для езды на маунте требуется всего 20 уровень, лучше начинать ловить его при получении летающего эпического маунта, так как это позволит перемещаться между косяками рыбы намного быстрее. Ловля Поймать черепаху можно в любом косяке Нордскольской рыбы, за исключением квестовых. Рекомендуемое Arcanum Diablo 2 Diablo 2: Разработка сайта - компания Illusix.

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